About the Journal

Jurnal Psikoanalisis

Jurnal Psikoanalisis have been published since 2020 which focuses on mainly focuses on issues in the development of Psychology and Counseling, espesially in the field of: (1) Psychology, (2) Counseling, and (3) Counseling Education both in general and in relation to Buddhism. Jurnal Psikoanalisis is published twice a year, every June and December, containing papers/articles about the ideas and the research written by experts, educator, scientist, practitioners, and reviewers in the guidance psychology and counseling discipline/study.

Open Access Policy

Jurnal Psikoanalisis is a peer reviewed journal with open access. The article processing or delivery of the manuscript submitted to the manager or editor through an online system or by using the OJS Open Access publishing model. In this publishing model, papers are peer-reviewed in the normal way under editorial control. The paper appears electronically and freely available from our website. Authors can also use articles that have been published in pdf format either for non-commercial use on a personal website or non-commercial institutions.

License & Copyright

Jurnal Psikoanalisis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.